Men’s Conference

Challenging men to step up to being a man God can bless.  There is nothing more “manly” than for a man to realize his need to acknowledge his Creator as his rightful LORD and “boss,”  and in doing so he embarks on a journey that will enable him to become everything God created him to be.  Bob is constantly calling men to a surrender of their life to Jesus Christ as LORD and Savior (one who rescues you from a deadly situation, from which you do not have the capacity to deliver yourself), as well as to live a life that matters.  And he is convinced, based on the clarity of Scripture, that it is never too late for any man to make those important decisions. God is always ready to offer a New Beginning and a second chance.


Bob’s energetic and insightful messages engage men and draw them in to grapple with real life issues and decisions. And Decisions make all the difference. Bob teaches that Decisions set Directions which lead to Predictable Destinations.  Regardless of what arena of life you’re considering, this truth remains true and unchanging.  Rather than be a ‘product of our environment’ what we really are is a product of our decisions!  So, it is important to make wise ones, not simply good ones.  Making wise decisions will be the key to Finishing Well!

As one leader said of Bob, where over 15% of the men present accepted Christ and many others made life-altering decisions… Do you want your event to be the kind that changes the lives of participants forever? Do you want to see marriages saved, hope restored and, most of all, people taken off the broad path to hell and set upon the narrow road to heaven? This is what happened when we had Dr. Bob Reccord and his wife Cheryl speak at our ZonaMEN (Arizona Men) state-wide retreat. I cannot find strong enough words to express how grateful I am to them for coming, or how strongly I recommend you use them for your events.
Chip Short